MR.SHAKE. Born in Waspik (The Netherlands) in the year 1983. The year that the CD was introduced on the dutch and belgian market, Studio Brussel started broadcasting & Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was world’s best selling record, so MR.SHAKE was destined to go in the music bizz.  A few years later MR.SHAKE felt totally in love with, then common, tapes. At the age of 2 he was interested in one thing only: unrolling them! Destined to…

Shortcut till present: 5 Years performing at Tomorrowland with about 15 Gigs. Most Major Clubs in Flanders and the southern part of The Netherlands on the reference list. Party Hit “Bomba Larm” on iTunes & Proud part of the award winning Discotheek BASH…

” This guy is the next big thing! ”

” I couldn’t stop my ass from bouncing! ”

” When he came on it was like Veni Vidi Vici ”

” You have powerplay and then you have MR.SHAKE! ”

Some comments by Party Award Nominee DJ Ruud and Award Winning DJ Willem De Wijs. Sorry, they’re in dutch & 18+ only: